We at The Befeler Group are always looking to expand our real estate portfolio by opportunistically purchasing real estate investments on fundamental principles.


If you wish to present an investment opportunity to us, please message the information relating to such opportunity to the attention of Mark Rosencwaig in our Contact Us page. All submissions will be promptly reviewed. If the submission is time sensitive, please indicate so.


We encourage brokers and property owners to submit off-market opportunities which will take priority over advertised offerings.


Currently, we are focusing on the following opportunities:

Multifamily Acquisitions:

Properties in Miami-Dade County and other major markets within the State of Florida of any shape and size.


Office Acquisitions:

Properties in Miami-Dade County exceeding 10,000-square feet of leasable space.


Hotel Assets:

Franchised and independent hotel properties in primary and secondary markets of 80+ keys built or renovated within the past 20 years.


Distressed Acquisitions:

Any size or type of distressed opportunities in South Florida that necessitates a closing and funding within 30 days or less.

We concentrate on value-add opportunities or on assets, which present challenging issues necessitating closing speed, repositioning, strong management, or immediate capital infusion. We are highly entrepreneurial and flexible; therefore, we can evaluate opportunities quickly and creatively.

We are an equal opportunity employer.